Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the trip to conneticut

well, it's been a while. for the past 6 months i've been meaning to post on here but i always forgot. that ends today. today marks the true beginning of hammy on rye. i've been taking pictures here and there of really awesome meals, so i'll be backtracking today. so sit back and enjoy hammy on rye from here on out.

on april 25th joe, myself and our friends tim and rich drove to new haven, conneticut to meet chris at frank pepe pizzeria napoletana, or pepe's for short. i had seen pepe's featured on pizza nation (due to the rivalry with sally's, which is another popular pizza joint in new haven that pepe's nephew had opened), and other shows on the food network and travel channel. the story behind pepe's is like most old pizzeria joints: italian immigrates to US and makes delicious pizza in conneticut in 1925. their pizzas are baked in coal fired brick ovens, and the pies are thin crust. the menu is simple, not overzealous and the wait can be long.

luckily we didn't wait for long. chris had already arrived at pepe's, so he had secured a spot in line and by the time we arrived we were ushered to our table. so...the food. we went all out, ordering 4 pies for 5 people topped off with some of the most delicious root beer i've ever tasted in my entire life (foxon park to be exact).

a regular cheese pie, chicken and broccoli pie, veggie pie and a white pie, which i don't believe was on the menu. basically it was like garlic bread with lots of gooey, mouth watering cheese. i didn't try the veggie pie, because well, it was the furthest away from me. the cheese pizza was everything i had hoped for, the perfect amount of sauce to cheese ratio, and the crust was thin and crispy. the sauce was just the right balance of sweet and savory. as embarrassing as this is, we ALMOST finished all 4 pies, we each had about 4 slices to bring home. needless to say, we went ALL out.

the prices were fair as well. we each spent around 18 bucks, including tip...which is cheap for 4 pies and 2 bottles of soda. i left pepe's feeling like i was going to vomit, and yet completely satisfied. it deserves every bit of hype and praise it receives because it exceeded my expectations.

even though we had consumed as many calories as most of us would probably reach in a week, we decided we wanted to be total fat asses and go down to the bakery a block away.

frank pepe pizzeria napoletana
157 wooster st
new haven, CT 06511
(203) 865-5762

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  1. Dear lord, I miss Pepes....I'm glad you enjoyed it also! You MUST get the clam pizza next time you go, if it's available.

    _And_ you got cannolis from next door, you lucky woman !

    Ah well, I have access to fried, yes, fried biscuits with that honey butter you like ..;-)

    A Connecticut Yankee living in North Carolina