Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the commodore

after joe and i had our discussion about southern food, i felt like maybe i should just give up trying all of these places in new york for southern food. maybe it was hopeless, i mean...it's not like you can find REALLY good pizza in the south, right?

sunday morning joe asked me if i wanted to accompany him to this record fair that he had a table at. usually i would be quick to say "HELL NO" but it was our only day off together and since he's leaving for new orleans next week on my other days off, i decided to go with it (plus i had some records i wanted to unload, two birds-one stone). he also mentioned that it was being held at the commodore, another southern influenced restaurant i had heard much about and had been dying to try since i saw an article mentioning them in the july 1st issue of new york magazine.

(a picture i took to remind myself to try this restaurant)

still feeling jaded over the whole pies 'n' thighs fiasco, i made sure my expectations were at an all time low so i wouldn't be disappointed again. we arrived at the record fair around 12:30 and had to wait until 4 for the kitchen to open.

i peeped the menu out and went to the bar to place my order. i decided to just go for it, order the fried chicken! what's the worst that can happen - it sucks? been there, done that. it's ok, atleast now i'll know. at 10 dollars, it's worth the shot.

this arrived at my table and i knew i made the right choice. the outside was so crispy and hot and salty, i felt like i had died and gone to heaven. the meat was juicy and tender and almost melted in my mouth. and their hot sauce was delicious! commodore knows what's up; they serve the hot sauce on the side, good thinking. the biscuits were the best biscuits i had ever tasted in my entire life, and they came with honey butter. honey and butter, never would have thought of mixing them together. genius. the potato salad was excellent, kind of a smokey flavor to it. perfect potato/dressing ratio as well.

washing it all down with some anchor steam (one of my top 3 favorite beers) we decided we needed MORE beer and MORE biscuits. hell, it was happy hour! 2 for 1 beers.. can't beat that. so we had another round and left the commodore with money in our pockets (thanks record buyers) and stomachs full of amazing southern food.

food aside, the commodore is definitely a bar i would like to frequent. it has a weird 60's-70's charlie's angels retro vibe to it, and the booths are really comfortable. everyone who worked there was super friendly, which can be hard to come by in snooty williamsburg. really great happy hour prices help too, and their normal prices aren't bad. for 1 chicken meal w/ biscuits, potato salad, 4 beers and a side order of biscuits we spent $28, very impressive.

the commodore, two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

the commodore
366 metropolitan ave (at havemeyer)
brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-7632
open daily: 4pm - 4 am

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